Dervish for Devi

Bach - Ciaccona - mandolino

Giuseppe Anedda, mandolinista

Don't Do It


Dear White Facebook, White Google+, White Instagram, White Tumblr, White Twitter, White Vine, White Jack’d, and White whatever else:

If you believe, for one millisecond, that I want to, need to, or have to entertain your bigotry in the interest of dialogue and free speech, that I have to…

exploding time

fuzzy haired terrified girl is running

viscera in grain mind racing

rubber shoe rhinestone bow

clip of hair blasted feet

ribbons smoking surround her

absorbing all consequence triggered

behind her cemented future

generations in shopping bags

sold out pawns crossing rivers



hisham rizk. eternal. peace. mars earth nile son.

(via monaeltahawy)